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Awaiting the inevitable coup d'etat.

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Down With Tin Horn Dictators is an all-ideology, all-country Newsvine Nation devoted to Politics mostly, but also current events of all categories. Right-wingers, Left-wingers and half-crazies are all invited to join. Full-crazies will be rejected. As will unmitigated stupids.

We want to talk about the news and have fun, but not necessarily in that order.


The idea I have is for the Admins to be a "Troll Conclave." Right now we have 7 admins including 4 righties and 3 lib/lefties.

I propose it take a vote of 5 to deem someone a troll or pest or "no value" and then boot or ban them as the case may be. That means, in practice, typically, the righties will have to persuade one of the libbies to boot a lefty troll, whereas the lefties would have to persuade two of the righties to boot a righty troll.

The reason for that is that the NV population is demographically lib/left. If we applied some arbitrary or nominally objective standard, we would simply recreate that imbalance, so I want to bias the structure so that it tilts a little bit to the right.

Might work better with 9 or 11 admins but I don't know if that many could work logistically. We might add admins but keep the number at 5 but also keep the rquirement that one of the five must be a lefty for lefty trolls and two must be righties for righty trolls. If we do add Admins, it will obviously have to be done in pairs.

Something similar for a Tin Horn "Novitiate," I think. Five of 7 and you're in--although we'll probably need a free-for-all open enrollment when the new NV code goes live.

The Blowing the Tin Horn rule: Any Admin may at any time declare themselves "Tin Horn Dictator" with respect to any member or prospective member and either admit an applicant who has been rejected or boot/ban a member who has been accepted notwithstanding the result of any vote by the Conclave PROVIDED THAT:

1. Once an admin has invoked the Tin Horn Rule, they may not do so again until all the other admins have invoked it, and

2. The fact that it was invoked must be documented via amendment to this page, and

3. It may not be invoked on another Admin.

But wait! You're thinking, what if someone blows the Tin Horn to boot somebody and another Admin blows it right back? Yeah. So? Arbritrary, capricious and self-interested behavior is what Tin Horn Dictators do, especially when dealing with peer Tin Horn Dictators. And what if intrigue develops among the Admins trying to cajole another Admin to invoke the Tin Horn so the Tin Horn becomes available for use? Again, so what? Secret intrigue among Tin Horn Dictators is most fun of all.

Further, as Supreme High Tin Horn Dictator I declare the Tin Horn my sole possession until the first time I blow the Tin Horn. Trust me, I'll do it very soon after the new code goes live.

Of course, none of this proposal will matter if the other Admins overthrow me in a coup, but such is the perilous existence of a Tin Horn Dictator.